Data Recovery, Warwickshire

Data Recovery

Computer crashed, hard drive failed? Fear not!

Impirius offer data recovery facilities for retrieving your valuable data from damaged PC’s, Laptops, Portable Hard Drives and Memory Cards.

With more and more data being stored electronically and backups frequently being overlooked, our recovery service may be the only way to retrieve your data. We have invested heavily in dedicated data recovery equipment and storage for recovered data – allowing us to recover large quantities of data as quickly as possible. We have successfully recovered data from water, fire and shock damaged disks, as well as disks that have failed through age but as each recovery task is very different and to ensure the success of recovery, we urge you to contact us at the earliest opportunity and before removing disks from equipment etc.

We can also provide password recovery services for a variety of applications including all Windows Operating Systems, all Microsoft Office applications, and Adobe Acrobat documents. As the use of password protection increases, so does the ability to lose those passwords! We can recover the original passwords so you can once again use your valuable documents.

Please contact us to discuss these services in more detail.