Wireless Networks

Wireless Networks

Wireless networks are an absolute business necessity

– allowing your staff to continue to work whilst moving freely throughout your office.

Wireless installations are far simpler than wired networks and in most cases can be completely hidden from sight. They remove the need to lay potentially miles of cable and install unsightly trunking. This can be an ideal solution in Grade I & II listed buildings or in buildings with an interior that needs to be preserved. They can now be used with far more than just your laptops – your printers, mobile phones, PDA’s, Skype & VoIP handsets & WiFi enabled iPods, can all simultaneously connect, share data and access the internet.

Impirius can design and install reliable and secure wireless networks to suit your working environment, and have a huge amount of experience in doing this for small to medium sized companies. We have invested heavily in our test & measuring equipment and as part of a site survey will always identify neighbouring networks, their signal strengths and the frequencies they use. This enables us to optimise your network for speed and coverage, while minimising interference.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your requirements further, we are always happy to discuss these with you or visit your site to talk further. As you would expect this is free and with no obligation at all.